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Your rundown on the most popular placenta products

Which products are the most popular? Here are your most wanted at the moment:

1. Placenta Capsules

placenta capsules most popular
Placenta Capsules

🥇A surprise to no-one, taking first place… it’s the capsules. Easy to take and they look nothing like a placenta. Simple Placenta Capsules are far more popular than Steamed placenta pills

2. Placenta Tincture

🥈The tincture is having a surge of demand. When your capsules stop, the fun (okay, the support) doesn’t have to end! The tincture lasts a lifetime to be your little helping hand through hormonal and emotional challenges and on those days when you wake up already looking forward to bedtime.

3. Organic Baby Balm

🥉The organic baby balm has knocked the placenta smoothies off of their usual 3rd place position and sometimes takes 2nd place quite often at the moment. I’m not surprised as this balm is good for ev-er-y-thing: eczema, dry patches, cradle cap, nipples, teething cheeks, on lips) (Obviously no placenta included unless you opt for placenta infused oil to go with it)

The balm is made from 4 natural ingredients and is suitable for even newborn skin. You can order the balm alongside your capsules order or you can order it separately from the Natural Instincts Etsy Store


Regardless of what placenta products are popular, you'll want to choose what feels right for you. See this blog post for help deciding between the different products or this one for more information about simple vs steamed capsules.

You can have any combination of products you like. The smoothie, tincture, homeopathy and placenta infused oil only use very small pieces of placenta and so you still have plenty left for capsules.

I know that sometimes people would love to have the add-ons as well as placenta encapsulation but are limited by finances so I’m going to be reinstating some packages to give you some inspo (and some money off)

If you already know what you’d like, I do offer a bespoke package whereby if you are ordering any 3 items (or more), you automatically receive a 10% discount off of the non-capsule items.

Look after yourselves, mamas/parents. We spend so much on these babies but in many ways it’s us who need the investment in our postnatal recovery. The babies get all the care in the world (as they should) and we need to extend a similar level of care to ourselves. ♥️

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