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What our clients say:

Part of what makes this such a fantastic job is the feedback received from mamas, people and birth partners about how the remedies have supported their fourth trimester. (Placenta Mamas was the previous name of the service.)

Are you a client looking to write a review? Pop here or send me a message :)

Wow 🤩 Placenta encapsulation is a must for anyone’s postpartum recovery!
I cannot encompass in one single review just how good these tablets made me feel.

Considering lack of sleep from a newborn and having a 2 year old to run around after, I felt so much more energetic than I anticipated.

My milk came in on day 2 which was sooner than my first baby and my supply has been wonderful.
I have experienced no low mood, tears or anything. The best postnatal gift you can give to yourself or to someone you know expecting a baby. All made even more special by the fact that Kimberley is very attentive and passionate about what she does.

Kimberley is very approachable and makes the process so smooth from first enquiry to delivering the storage bag to collecting the placenta and then we couldn’t quite believe how quickly the pills made their way to me after giving birth so I could start benefitting from them!
I’m actually really quite sad that my pot has almost run out. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Kimberley, so glad I found you ❤️

Mother of two, Botley, Google Review

"I can't tell you enough how grateful I truly am for your exceptional service, kindness and such caring nature. It had never really crossed my mind about my placenta, until a lovely lady recommended you to me and told me all about placenta encapsulation to which I never knew about, never thought about, actually not knowing it existed!!
My 50/50 capsules and smoothies have transformed my entry into motherhood, my energy levels are through the roof, my emotions are stable and wonderful, my mood is beautiful and it's all because of the natural goodness my wonderful placenta gives back! I could never imagine starting motherhood without my capsules or smoothies and want to thank you so much for giving me and all the lovely new mummies out there the unique, wonderful opportunity to feel like this. Thank you from all of us, our happy family. xxxx"

Mum of two, Whiteley. 50/50 capsules, Smoothie pack and Tincture. 5 star facebook review.

I have found the capsules and smoothies a huge help. The best start to motherhood facing the challenges of breast feeding and tiredness xxx
Mum of two, Fareham. Smoothie and 50/50 capsules. Facebook comment.

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and decided that I would like my placenta encapsulated. I contacted Placenta Mamas who couldn't have been more helpful! All aspects of the encapsulation were clearly explained along with all of the benefits! Kim was kind and very professional (nothing was too much trouble). My placenta was collected from the hospital in the storage kit provided by Placenta Mamas and my pills were safely delivered the very next day! It was a real treat to arrive home to find a bundle lovingly put together which included my pills, cord keep sake and print! I would highly recommend Placenta Mamas and can't wait to start feeling all the benefits.
Mum of two, Locks Heath. Simple capsules. 5 star Facebook review.

I want to thank you so much for your loving care and services. You done such a fantastic job! You're so friendly, so reliable, you have walked an extra mile... Started using my capsules very next day after birth, that;s how quick your dedication works. You got a heart in the right place. The service you provided and the most beautiful energy you surrounded me, I felt so much at ease. My placenta capsules were magic: loads and loads of milk already on the 3rd day [post c-section]. And no postnatal depression. On the downside I felt a bit hot, but I can't say if it was capsules or hormones. Highly recommend this to all of the mums! Wish this is available on NHS for all mums who choose natural remedies and be happy mum right from the very early beginning of motherhood. Thank you Kimberley. Hugs xxx
Mum of two, Hythe. Steamed capsules. Text message. 

"5 weeks after having baby number 2 and I can honestly say I have felt great! I chose to have the smoothies and the 50/50 mix of steamed and simple capsules and I'm so, so glad I did. Kimberley is wonderful and professional and is more than happy to answer any questions any time. 
I have had energy despite the demands of a newborn baby and a toddler, an abundant milk supply and no baby blues, which is such a dramatic contrast to my postnatal experience with my first baby.
I will recommend placenta remedies and Kimberley to everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Mum of two. Smoothies and 50/50 capsules. 5 star Facebook review.

"4 weeks today! X is doing brilliantly and I can't believe how well I've felt the past weeks. I want to get out and get exercising but have to keep reminding myself it's only been a few weeks. My milk has been in abundance luckily, because X had a tongue tie that no one picked up so wasn't actually able to latch very well but with my fast flow it's meant he's been getting plenty of milk and gaining weight like a trooper! I love having the capsules to hand when I need a pick me up! So pleased I did it!"
Mum of two, Calmore. 50/50 capsules. 

"I gave birth on Saturday and this whole process has been so easy - thank you Kimberley for being forthcoming with information and unbelievably quick to pick up the placenta and drop the pills off.
I am now on day 3 of taking the pills and what a difference they make. My only regret is not getting them with my first born. I have found that my energy levels are good, considering I am averaging on 3 hours sleep in a  24 hour period. When I take them my bleeding eases, so much less pain than before. Finally, my milk came in this morning, this is so much quicker than my first. That took 6 days and as a result I ended up having to give up on breastfeeding because it became too difficult to establish it. Although the birth was a bit traumatic, the recovery has been everything I wanted.
I would totally recommend anyone to encapsulate their placenta for the benefits you feel afterwards.
I also love the print and can't wait to get it framed- it's far too beautiful to sit in a memory box.
Thank you once again Kimberley- you were an absolute star."

Mum of two. Capsules & Tincture. 5 star Facebook review.

"I had baby number 2 11 weeks ago and had raw placenta smoothies (honestly just tastes of berries) for 3 days and the rest encapsulated. I have honestly felt great, even with looking after a toddler and newborn, I have had energy. I had pretty horrible anxiety after my first baby was born so I was willing to try anything and Im so, so glad I did, not even a hint of the baby blues! X"
Mum of two, Smoothie & 50/50 capsules. 

"I could not recommend this enough, I felt significantly better! My energy, skin and milk production was brilliant and had lots of compliments from friends and family. Kim was very supportive and kind throughout and regularly keeps in touch."
Anonymous via PRN survey.

"I LOVED the package you put together with the placenta capsules, the jar, the ribbon, the lip balm, the heart made out of the cord, everything so beautifully thought-out. I SO appreciated everything you did for me, especially driving all the way to XXX to make the smoothie for me; it was very, very kind of you and it SO helped: I had the c-section at 4.15, I drunk it at 8pm and at 11pm I was feeling on top of the world!!! Big thanks to you!!! Xxx"
Mum of two, Smoothie, Simple capsules, Tincture. 

"Would definitely recommend you to others, so simple and easy and lovely friendly service. Really made it all so accessible and easy."
Mum of three, Smoothie, Steamed capsules, Mother & Baby Balm, Tincture, homeopathic remedies 

"Kimberley is the kindest, most caring and truly committed Placenta Remedy specialist. The smoothie she made me was delicious and helped me feel strong and healthy just 7hrs after my c-section; I still crave for it! Once home, I looked forward to taking the capsules daily which helped me gain my energy back very quickly - to run after my 3 yr old and to help me have a good supply of milk for my baby. It was the best gift I could ever do to myself and I wished I had met Kimberley and known about placenta remedies when I had my first baby. Thank you Kimberley for everything you did - you will always be a special part of the birth of our son."
Mum of two, Smoothie, Simple capsules, Tincture. Facebook review/recommendation.

"Kimberly is amazing! She is so passionate about what she does and goes above and beyond for her mamas. Everything was so simple and the hospital staff were so supportive. Kimberly's kit is straight forward and she is always on call to come and collect. My cord keepsake and placenta print will be truly treasured forever and were a wonderful end to my birth journey. Even in the hardest moments of my birth, knowing I would get these at the end (as well as a baby) really kept me positive."
Mum of two, Framed Cord keepsake and placenta print. Facebook recommendation.

"I'm so glad I decided to go for the placenta capsules! After a lot of blood loss (at the birth) I really feel that they've helped me to recover and feel good! Lots of people have commented on how well I look and the midwife was impressed with my milk supply despite being low on iron! I definitely put it down to my placenta and would recommend you to everyone! Thank you! X"
Capsules. Message.

"...I then had my placenta encapsulated by the amazing Kimberley @placentamamas- another first and something I would highly recommend. Kimberley is an absolute angel, she is kind and gentle and makes you feel completely relaxed and confident in her knowledge of all things placenta related. the capsules really helped with my recovery after giving birth, having four other children to look after as well as a newborn i needed all the help I could get. so if it's something you have maybe thought of doing i would really recommend it! You get these amazing magic capsules as well as some wonderful keepsakes. Kimberley keep doing what you're doing, you are magnificent."
Mum of five, 50/50 capsules, cord keepsake and placenta print. Instagram post. West Sussex

"My mood has been great and I haven't suffered from the 'baby blues' which I am so pleased about. My energy levels are good and my milk supply is great- I have a fridge full of expressed milk and after two weeks I don't have any bleeding. Thank you for making my postnatal journey a happy one. xxx"
Mum of one, Smoothie pack. Facebook review.

"After Amala was born we had our placenta encapsulated by the amazing Kimberley Knight @placentamamas. We went for half steamed capsules and half simple dried. Kimberley has also saved a little of our placenta to have some other remedies made at a later date. I honestly cannot recommend having this done enough. It has made me feel so much better emotionally and physically than any of my other fourth trimesters. Kimberley is such a wonderful human and came to collect Amala's placenta immediately after her birth and was ready with the capsules the following day. And how cute is the 'love' made from Amala's cord. Something we can treasure forever. Thank you so much Kimberley."
Mum of five, 50/50 capsules Fareham. Instagram post.

"Kimberley was amazing and so supportive. She delivered my smoothie to the hospital only a couple of hours after collecting my placenta. the whole things was seamless and so easy, I didn't have to think about it at all. She gave me great info and presented everything beautifully. She made videos for me to watch when able to and was very accommodating of my mental health issues. Would 100 per cent recommend her."
Mum of three, Capsules, Mother & Baby Balm & Tincture. 6 week PRN Survey

"Kimberley was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She explained everything and was always at the end of the phone or email if I had any further questions. She was quick with picking the placenta up and getting the capsules back to me."
Anonymous feedback. 6 week PRN Survey

"Just a little feedback so far...

No baby blues

Bleeding stopped today, been very light throughout, with [omitted] it lasted weeks and was very heavy.

Scar is healing well.

Milk came in very fast ( day 2 )

I don’t feel tired, i feel so happy! I can’t believe the difference between my experiences. I wish I knew about this when I had [omitted]!! Maybe there would have been a smaller age gap lol. Thank you once again! Xxx."
Mother of two, 50/50 Capsules, Whatsapp message

"It may be far from perfect but this body of mine has grown 4 children and I couldn't be prouder of it. Getting back in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe this quickly can only be put down to exclusive breastfeeding and placenta capsules from Placenta Mamas. I have never felt this good physically or mentally post birth and the only thing I've done differently this time is to encapsulate my placenta and I so wish I had done it before!"

Mother of four, Simple Capsules, Instagram post.

"I really do believe the capsules have got me through this last really stressful and tiring few days - all the midwives were interested in talking about them too, they were all very positive! Thank you so so much Kimberley for being amazing and offering this phenomenal service!!! X x"

Mother of one, Steamed Capsules, Message.

"I can't believe I've had [] for 4 weeks! I had forgotten how hard it is with a newborn. I have taken the 40 day confinement seriously and eating lots of good food from The First Forty Days book. 
As for the capsules,  they are going well - I'm still taking 2 capsules 3 times a day (although some days I only have twice a day). Overall,  I think the capsules have helped me. I have felt like myself emotionally and mentally - my husband has said similarly. Thank you very much for the placenta artwork and the dehydrated cord; it makes me think of []'s birth fondly.  I regret now for not encapsulating my placenta with [] as I don't have any souvenirs as significant as those.
Anyway, thank you very much for your fantastic service and coming out to see me and making the process painless. I would be happy to recommend you to others.
Best wishes"

Mother of two, Steamed Capsules, Email.

"I would 100% recommend Placenta Mamas, Kim’s service & information on everything was first class.

Kim made everything very simple & stress free, as I was very anxious about the birth.

My blood loss stopped a lot quicker than my first (where I didn’t have any tablets) I felt more calmer in terms of any baby blues and have definitely had more energy this time.

Thank you so much."

Mother of two, 50/50 Capsules, Facebook review.

"The box that everything came in was so so beautiful, I couldn't believe the presentation. I've been taking my capsules and I'm sure they're helping with 'the baby blues' (considering my husband has gone back to base, I have 3 dogs and a newborn I'm not feeling too bad!) Also my sister came over and has terrible eczema so I've been giving her the balm to put on it and she thinks it's easing!"

Mother of one, 50/50 Capsules, Balm, Message.

"So far all has been going well, I'm feeling good. Since I had PND with my last child I have only been taking the steamed capsules so far. The difference in myself compared to my first baby is incredible, I wish I'd had them before!'"

Mother of two, 50/50 Capsules, Message.

"Hi Kimberley, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I decided to have my placenta encapsulated! It is without doubt one of the best decisions I made in my pregnancy, and I'm absolutely sure it's the reason I've felt so well over the last two weeks. I've only had one or two wobbles, which compared to my last fourth trimester is amazing. I feel like I've recovered so quickly and I've definitely got more energy than I should have with the amount of sleep that I get! Overall, this second experience of birth and postpartum period has been so much easier and less stressful and I'm convince the capsules have been a huge factor in that. I will be singing your praises to all the pregnant women I meet from now on :) I will definitely be ordering a tincture from you in the near future!"

Mother of two, Simple Capsules, Email.

"With my first baby I suffered terribly with PND. Was tired and struggled to get up and go out. With my second, I would take the placenta pills and within half an hour I felt energised. I didn't get PND with my second - I felt positive and happy. A much better fourth trimester after taking the placenta pills. I also have a tincture. If I can convince my husband to have another baby, I would definitely encapsulate the placenta again X"

Mother of two, 50/50 Capsules, Tincture. Instagram.

“Thank you so much for my tablets and the umbilical cord! I love it!

So far all has been going well, I’m feeling good.

Since I had PND with my last child I have only been taking the steamed dried ones so haven’t tried the simple ones yet.

The difference in myself so far compared to my first baby is incredible, I wish I had had them before! X”

Mother of two, 50/50 Capsules, WhatsApp

I actually met Kim after the birth of my first born… I instantly wished I’d known about placenta encapsulation and the potential benefits before having him… I had a terrible birth and despite using my own trade (nutritional therapist), it took a long time to recover. 


I sent many clients to Kimberley as she was/is so passionate about what she does (and so she should be!). Everyone told me how great they felt after having their little ones, so when I fell pregnant with my daughter booking Kim was one of the first things I did. I’m so glad I did.


If I were to have another baby, I would 100 percent have my placenta encapsulated again; the difference in recovery was incredible. 

Despite having no sleep and now two children to look after I felt energised, my skin was clear, my milk came in with no issues, I felt sooo much happier, I didn’t have any blues at all post birth and overall recovery has been amazing. 


Not only that, but Kimberley was incredible too, she was so supportive throughout pregnancy and postpartum! 


If you are in any doubt, don’t be! Thank you again xx

Mother of two, Simple Capsules & Tincture 

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