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Truly make the most of your amazing placenta and save money at the same time by choosing a package. 

Bespoke Care (The build your own!)                      

Simply select ONE product from category A and TWO or more from Category B to receive 10% off of all category B products. Tailor your package to your own needs!

A) Any type of capsules, simple/steamed/ 50/50 
A) A smoothie pack
A) A combination of smoothies/capsules

B) Tincture
B) Smoothie (single)

B) Mother's Treat Facial Oil   
B) Mother & Baby Balm
B) Framed cord keepsake

The Mother Of All Postpartum £470

Everything we make:

- 50/50 Capsules
- Smoothie
- 250ml Tincture

- Homeopathy
- Baby Balm 100ml

- Facial Oil
- Placenta Infused Oil

- Coloured Placenta Print

- Framed Shaped Cord Keepsake

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