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framed shaped cord keepsake.heic

Cord keepsakes are an opt out thing- i.e I tend to make them for everyone as a little complimentary gift (unless the cord has been cut too short) so let me know if you would prefer NOT to receive one.
With prints, I only tend to make one if you specifically request one.


Cord keepsake  (no charge)

A baby in a blanket holding a cord keepsake.

A cord keepsake can be a lovely momento of the time when you were physically connected as one to baby. The cord is shaped into a heart, a word or an initial and then dried out, presented in an organza bag (for free) or framed for a fee. If you have a preference for a certain shape (heart, star, initial, love, name) etc please do let me know. Obviously I'm a little restrained by the length and shape of the cord but will do my best to accommodate requests. 
The examples immediately below are all free with encapsulation. There is no extra charge.


A framed umbilical cord keepsake spelling out the word 'love' from South Coast Placenta
umbilical cord keepsake heart sky
Cord keepsake love
star shaped umbilical cord keepsake

Framed Cord Keepsake £25

If you would like your cord keepsake framed with your child's name underneath, you can add this on to encapsulation.


Shaped and sprayed Cord Keepsake £20

Your cord keepsake can be shaped into a heart or a moon and sprayed gold. When the keepsakes are shaped in this way, they tend to be more flat and symmetrical.


Framed, shaped and sprayed Cord Keepsake £35

Your cord keepsake can be shaped into a heart or a moon and sprayed gold and then framed in an attractive box frame with your baby's name in wooden scrabble letters.


Placenta print (no charge)

Placenta Print and love shaped umbilical cord keepsake

A lovely way to honour the amazing organ that kept your little one alive in the womb - placenta prints can be filed away in a memory box or framed and displayed. Prints are free if you are within my 40 minute hand delivery radius. A small charge may be made if these need to be posted. Please do let me know if you'd like a print as I don't make these every time unless you specifically request one.


Placenta print made using the colours green and brown

           You may also opt to have a coloured print made. This client requested the colours brown and green to show the placenta as the tree of life. You can choose whichever colours you like- colours to match a nursery for example.


Coloured placenta print £15

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