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Placenta Remedies Specialist

079 1221 7219
Hants & W. Sussex, United Kingdom

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Giving yourself  the best possible start

The transition to motherhood/parenthood is a life

changing time and we all deserve to feel supported.

Time and time again, our clients feedback that with their capsules they have:

  • balanced hormones meaning reduced or no baby blues 

  • increased energy levels even when sleep is hard to come by

  • fantastic healing and recovery whether vaginal or c-section birth

  • if choosing to breastfeed- a great milk supply (particularly with
    smoothies) and even after cesarean sections

the bottom half of a newborn baby wearing a vest and sleepsuit, the sleepsuit undone revealing legs and newborn feet.

"I absolutely love the tablets... my energy levels have been amazing, even when I had only a couple of hours sleep in those first few days I managed without an afternoon sleep and I haven't had the blues which I got terribly with my first! I can't believe how much they have helped so thank you so much."

Mother of two. Grayshott. Simple Capsules

In this modern world, we no longer tend to have 'our village' around us- a group of elders to help and support. We'd LOVE to be part of your village, helping to ease you into motherhood/parenthood.

Receive your free, no-obligation, digital information pack

Have you heard about placenta encapsulation but would like to know more?

Maybe you have questions about how the process works from a practical point of view, i.e. 'How is the placenta collected?', 'When would you send me a storage kit?'

Perhaps you are wondering if South Coast Placenta are a good fit for you in terms of expertise and values.
Maybe you are simply curious?


The information pack gives you a step by step guide regarding what you can expect at each stage of the process if you do decide to go ahead and encapsulate your placenta.

Kimberley Knight owner of South Coast Placenta Placenta Encapsulation in Hampshire.PNG

Hi there mama/birthing person! My name is Kimberley Knight and I live in Fareham, Hampshire with my two daughters.

Previously a teacher, I set up South Coast Placenta (Originally Placenta Mamas) in 2017 with a vision of providing a high quality, safe, affordable, easy to use placenta remedies service so that any new mama or birthing person wishing to benefit from the nutrients and hormones in their marvellous placenta can, in order to have a positive impact on that precious 'fourth trimester'. 


We  are an experienced, trusted, popular placenta remedies  provider  with  an  excellent reputation- 5* reviews  and 5* ratings at every EnvironmentalHl spection.

Fully trained with IPEN (The Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network), certified in Infection Control and Food Safety, approved and inspected by Fareham Borough Council Environmental Health with a level 5 Food Hygiene Rating, you can be sure that your placenta is in safe hands.

I cover South/Mid Hampshire and neighbouring counties and aim to deliver your remedies back to you within 24-48 hours so that you can start to feel the benefits as quickly as possible.

This is a personal, local service with you at the heart of it- no admin team or couriers. I'm on hand to guide you step by step through each and every part of the process. Use my personal number at any time for questions. It's not every day you encapsulate your placenta!

If you'd like to know more now- check out this blog post for the lowdown on how it all works or sign up for a free information pack.


Who are South Coast Placenta?

A food standards agency certificate with a 5 star food hygiene rating showing that South Coast Placenta is approved by fareham Borough Council.
The IPEN logo, showing that South Coast Placenta was trained and certified by the International Placenta Encapsulation Network
The Placenta Remedies Network logo encircled by the words 'Member of the Placenta Remedies Network.
The Queer Birth Club Logo
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