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Which capsules are best for me: simple capsules or steamed?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Pregnant person trying to decide what is best- simple capsules or steamed capsules? What are the differences?

Maybe you've looked at the different types of capsule on the Remedies page and you're not being pulled instinctively towards one or the other? What are the differences between simple capsules and steamed capsules? How can you choose which might be the right capsule(s) for you?

The process

Simple Capsules- rinse, slice, dehydrate

This is the extra stage with the steamed capsules- steaming over lemon, ginger and green chilli before

being dehydrated. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, lemon is believed to be grounding, chilli warming and ginger aiding circulation.

Steamed Capsules- rinse, steam, slice, dehydrate

It is believed that we lose warmth when we give birth and so restoring warmth (and the balance between yin and yang) is important to bring balance to the immune system.

Placenta pills in a purple jar

The similarities

Both simple and steamed capsules receive comparable feedback from mothers when it comes to healing, milk supply and mood. (I think that this is reassuring since both types of capsule receive great feedback from new parents.)

The differences:

SIMPLE capsules

  • The simple capsules receive slightly less heat treatment than steamed capsules and retain more of the hormones and nutrients

  • Folks tend to describe this type of capsule as being energising -useful for fighting fatigue

  • Occasionally, some people find them a little too energising- not to be taken right before bed in this case.

STEAMED capsules

  • The steamed capsules are slightly less energising and so we recommend these if you suffer from anxiety as they tend to be more calming/grounding

  • If meconium (baby's first poo) or a Group B Strep infection is present, steaming the placenta to 70 degrees will kill off any potential bacteria

  • These capsules are subject to more heat treatment therefore more nutrients may be lost in the process. They have a more subtle effect.

In summary

There is no 'best' capsule, only what might be a good fit for you.

Both types of capsule have comparable feedback when it comes to healing, milk supply and mood

If your top priority is easing anxiety, the steamed capsules may be a good choice for you. If your top priority is improving energy, the simple capsules may be a good choice for you.

There may be scenarios whereby the choice is removed, for safety. If baby passes meconium (its first poo) during labour or birth, or if there is a GBS infection, then the placenta will be steamed. You can opt to have '50/50 Capsules' if you'd like to experience both types of capsule. Half of your placenta will be processed using the Simple method and half using the Steamed method.

Mobile phone booking

Feeling more confident that you have found the right capsule for you? Head to the booking page. Still feeling unsure? Feel free to contact me to discuss your situation.

To find out more about placenta encapsulation, request a free info pack and follow us @southcoastplacenta on Instagram or Facebook

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