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What IS placenta encapsulation?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

It's no secret that the practice of placenta encapsulation is becoming more widespread. Once the reserve of earth mothers and celebrities, you're now much more likely to hear that your next door neighbour had their placenta encapsulated after birth and enjoyed the benefits.

But what exactly IS placenta encapsulation? How is the placenta encapsulated? Why do people choose to encapsulate their placenta?

A raw placenta transformed into placenta capsules or pills with text saying: placenta encapsulation describes the process of taking. a raw placenta and creating capsules from it, turning it into your very own bespoke supplement.

How is my placenta encapsulated?

To make your capsules, your specialist will:

- rinse the placenta, - slice it (If you choose steamed capsules there will be an extra steaming stage here)

- dehydrate it (dry it out)

- grind the dried placenta into a powder and finally

- hand fill cellulose capsules with the dried powder. (Please note that this is just a summary to simplify the process. There are also many safety checks and reports throughout the process. More on that in an upcoming blog post!)

A jar of placenta capsules or placenta pills being held by a birth partner.

This process turns the placenta into a convenient, easy to take, palatable form of your placenta so that you can take advantage of all of the vitamins and hormones that the placenta contains in order to feel your best after your baby has been born. Many people report that the capsules enhance their postnatal recovery, giving them increased energy, improved mood and balanced hormones, quicker healing and a great milk supply if they are breastfeeding. Click here to read testimonials of many happy clients.

What is the process? How does it all work?

A diagram explaining how the process of placenta encapsulation works- how to research, book, receive a storage kit etc

At South Coast Placenta, our aim is to make the process as easy and faff-free for you as possible. Please see this blog post for more details. You will receive everything you need to have your placenta encapsulated at no extra cost, including your Environmental Health approved storage kit and collection and delivery of your capsules back to you.

Transforming the placenta into capsules may be a fairly new concept, but placenta consumption in other forms (eaten in food) has been happening for an incredibly long time. Who knows what progress we'll make in the future to make it even easier for new parents?

Do you have any questions about placenta encapsulation? Feel free to contact me.

To find out more about placenta encapsulation, request a free information pack and follow @southcoastplacenta on Instagram and Facebook

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