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Help- my placenta capsules are running out! What can I do?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

A picture of a nearly empty jar of placenta pills

Some of us know the feeling well- the seemingly magic capsules which have supported us through postpartum start to dwindle and... shock horror, we can see the bottom of the jar! You may well want to keep taking the capsules until they run out, or, like this mama below, you may have a hunch that there are other options available if you want to do something else with them.

A text from a client: 'Hiya! My capsules are not far off their use by date and I have a couple left over. What can I do with them so that they don't go to waste? Thank you'

The blog this month is inspired by a DM I received this week over on Instagram: You actually have a few options- ranging from completely free to not so free. It also depends on how you’re feeling. Are you feeling like the capsules have done their thing and you’re ready to say goodbye or are you wanting the support to continue? We are all different and will feel differently about it at this stage.

I want the support to continue Freezing the capsules

  • Very simply, you can freeze your capsules for another 6 months so that you can whip them out on one of the days when you need a boost. No need to defrost them. Do bear in mind that if the capsules become wet or if your freezer fails, it is recommend to bin the capsules and not to consume them.

A placenta tincture

  • If you’d like more long term support, you can have a placenta tincture made from your capsule powder which is a sort of liquid form of your pills, like a rescue remedy.

A photo of a placenta tincture - a form of long term support

If stored correctly, a placenta tincture can last a lifetime meaning you can really make the most of those last remaining capsules.

Easy to use (pop a few drops into a drink or directly onto your tongue) you can use your tincture at any time of day for emotional support.

It is particularly useful as a hormonal or emotional support- before and during your period or throughout perimenopause but also any moments where you could do with a bit of help: sleepless nights, unsettled baby etc. If you are a client of mine and your capsules are still in date, you can request a tincture FAQs document here or order a tincture using this link

A mini-tincture (100ml) £40 (2+ capsules required)

A tincture (250ml) £60 (5+ capsules needed)


  • In a similar vein, another long term option is to have your placenta powder made into homeopathic pills if homeopathy is of interest to you.

Homeopathy £60 (1 capsule needed)

Placenta infused Oil

  • If skincare is more your thing, you can have a placenta infused oil made that you can mix with your own cosmetics or use as a skin oil. 'When used topically, placenta extract may have antioxidant and aging support effects.' -

Placenta infused oil £30 (1-2 capsules needed)

I'm ready to say goodbye to my capsules

Maybe you’re ready to say goodbye to your capsules but you’d like to use your remaining capsules to commemorate and honour your placenta in some way. Here are two options for you:


A picture of a breastmilk keepsake ring by Eternally Cherished
  • Many keepsake jewellers will accept placenta powder inclusions much like with breast milk and ash. Locally we have lovely Erin at Eternally Cherished who can make something beautiful for you from your placenta powder.

Burying your capsules

  • If a keepsake isn’t for you, would burying your placenta powder appeal to you? A simple symbolic ritual where you give back your placenta (or part of it at least) to the earth (or a potted plant/tree) where it can nourish the soil. Many cultures do this to symbolise baby's link to the earth.

Will you do any of these things with your placenta capsules? If you have any questions about anything discussed feel free to get in touch: 07912 217219, or via the contacts form.

To find out more about placenta encapsulation, request a free info pack and follow us @southcoastplacenta on Instagram or Facebook

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