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Postnatal Planning- Making meal prep easier for once baby is here

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

In many other cultures, nourishing the mother or birthing person is a big postnatal focus. Fueling recovery with lots of protein and healthy fats, warming foods is a big focus and often falls to their community. If we lack the traditional 'village' for support, there are some practical things that we can do to make life a little easier and support our healing and recovery once baby is here. Planning and prepping 3 meals a day can be trying at the best of times and once children are in the mix, decreased time and mental space for it can mean reaching for less than optimal food. (No judgement here- biscuits are life!) How can you make tasty, nutritious food easily available to yourself? Here are a few ideas for consideration:

1. Find faff-free recipes that will cut meal prep/cleanup time

Find some recipes that will need less prep, surveillance and cleanup- think one tray recipes, slow cooker recipes etc. You will find a 'Resources' page in the postnatal planning guide with links to websites which may be useful for inspiration.

2. Batch Cook before baby arrives

storing soups, stews, casseroles in ziplock bags can reduce freezer space needed

Cook multiple portions of meals that you like and stash them in the freezer ready to be easily pulled out and popped in the oven once baby is here. You can get disposable trays to store your food and then cook it in the oven (less cleanup). Soups, stews casseroles, ragu can be stored flat in ziplock bags (pictured) to save space in the freezer - it cuts defrost time too.

This makes life so much easier as even when baby won't let you put them down, you can one handedly retrieve and cook a tasty nutritious meal that you've already prepared! Win!

3. Allow others to support your new family

People generally want to help, they just need to know how. If there's a time to let people in and allow yourself to be taken care of- its postpartum! If others ask how they can help, allow them to cook you some meals either fresh or for the freezer, either before baby is here or delivering them to you afterwards.

If you would like to download the full version of this Postnatal Planning - Meals guide (including notes, checklists and templates to help you on your way), you can do so for free by signing up to the Natural Instincts mailing list, or for £1.99 on the Natural Instincts Etsy Store

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